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briefly about  the promotiom group

Effective advertising technology!

The company "Promotion Group" was founded in 2001. From the beginning we wanted to offer our customers only effective advertising combined with quality work on time. We have always been different creative approach to the task and the choice of the most successful strategy to promote each separate product. The result of this work has been and remains the trust of customers, a successful advertising campaign, and as a result, growth in sales.

Why you should contact the Promotion Group?

The answer is simple: we, as a full-service agency offering a wide range of advertising services. This means that we are ready to perform any task to transform your product or service in the real brand and promote it to the masses. The company is guided by the principle of all-in-one, which allows our customers to get everything at once.

The main activities in the Promotion Group

The main activities in the Promotion Group is to provide both standard and non-standard advertising services. That is, we take the media planning and placement of your advertising on TV, radio, print media and the Internet. In addition, we are pleased to also provide you with models of outdoor and indoor advertising, will provide design services as well as assistance in the production of videos and the press printing.

But that is not all.

Coming to us, you can be sure that the Promotion Group will help you in building a CRM and Project Management systems, start online stores, web sites, advertising on LED-screens and even provide software tools web project management.

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